The Society opposing digitilisation of Fenland Folk

AS a founder member of “The Society opposing digitilisation of Fenland Folk”, I was outraged to see the propaganda-style banners placed in Chatteris High Street (and doubtless in other towns and villages in the area) informing us of the coming fait a complit regarding our television sets.

Speaking on behalf of the silent many, I can tell you we are quite happy with the way things are without all this “hih Tech” change being imposed upon us. We don’t want channels promoting compulsive consumerism or 24 hours of non-stop beat music, not to mention the “adult” channels for the peeping Toms! I find the four channels that I can tune into on my black and white set to be quite adequate for my needs thank you very much. However, am i now to be deprived of these if I don’t fork out for a special aerial, some sort of box, all the special plugs scarf leads (whatever they are) and of course all the upheaval of workmen coming tinto the house to install it all!

This is all an extra twist on that most famous of Orwell’s prdictions. Big Brother is not only watching you, now he is telling you what to watch.

It’s going to be library books, Radio 4 and early nights for many folk after April 13.


London Road


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