The story of nine horses dumped liked unwanted rubbish is shared 1,700 times on Facebook, 13 people offered them homes - but they have now all been removed from farmland at Mepal

One of the nine abandoned horses at Mepal

One of the nine abandoned horses at Mepal - Credit: Archant

An outpouring of offers of homes have flooded in for nine horses who were abandoned like unwanted rubbish - but they have since all been removed from the farm land at Mepal.

One of the nine abandoned horses at Mepal

One of the nine abandoned horses at Mepal - Credit: Archant

Bailiffs said they had 13 phone calls from people offering homes including one woman who made urgent enquiries to find two acres of land to rent for them and the Hillside Sanctuary in Norfolk which offered to take them all.

The story was shared 1,700 times on Facebook.

But the horses are now gone and the field is empty after somebody came with a horse box and took them away, said a local woman.

Gary Goy, of 24 Hour Bailiffs, said: “We have had people on the phone as late as 11pm on Saturday night, offering homes, it’s been unbelievable.

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“Hillside offered to take them all and make sure they live out their days having the time of their lives, the charity patron is actor Martin Shaw, we couldn’t believe the response from readers who have shared this across the internet.”

The nine horses were muddy and unkempt on land at Manor Farm but otherwise in reasonable condition - but only because local residents have been feeding them, said 24 Hour Bailiffs, who were charged with trying to track the owners.

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The owners were given until noon on Monday (22) to collect their animals after which time it was up to the bailiffs what happened to them.

Mr Goy said: “You’ve heard of fly tipping, well this is fly grazing.

“It is a massive problem - there are around 3,000 horses around the country who are simply left - travellers don’t take then with them and it is cheaper than having them slaughtered, it leaves a massive problem that needs dealing with.”

The Control of Horses Act 2015 means that if nobody steps forward to claim the animals then ownership passes to the land owner who can then try to find suitable homes with a charity or have them removed for sale by specialist bailiffs.

“Sadly the RSPCA and other horse charities are absolutely full up and can’t take on any more horses. Nobody wants them,” Mr Goy said.

For information contact 24 Hour Bailiffs on 01227-750966 who deal with abandoned horses issues daily around the country.

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