The Sunday bus service is cancelled between March and Wisbech leaving non drivers with no public transport

Stagecoach bus

Stagecoach bus - Credit: Archant

A bus service which runs between two of the largest towns in the Fens has been cancelled on Sundays leaving non drivers with no public transport options.

Grhaam Dickerson is a volunteer pianist for Peckover House, Wisbech

Grhaam Dickerson is a volunteer pianist for Peckover House, Wisbech - Credit: Archant

The bus, which travels between March and Wisbech, was stopped after Stagecoach said there were not enough people using it to make it viable.

The announcement came with little warning, according to a volunteer pianist, who plays every Sunday at the National Trust’s Peckover House.

Stagecoach, however, said they tweeted their regular customers to let them know.

Pianist Graham Dickerson, of Wisbech Road. March, said: “I am greatly upset. I travel on the 10.30am 46 bus from March, and return on the 3.55pm, as I have done for a number of years. I am a non-driver.

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“Mid-week I saw, by chance, that the entire Sunday services were being stopped.”

When he spoke to Fenland District Council he was advised to use the community tranpsort scheme to go to Guyhirn and pick up the X1 to Wisbech from there.

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He said: “Meanwhile I have found two Peckover volunteers who have changed their schedules to enable them to take me there and back most Sundays until end of Season, but who knows for December open days and then 2017 and beyond.

“I feel for those in the villages en-route and for the summer break travellers who now cannot get to Lynn for Hunstanton or Norfolk.

“No consultations nor notice -just 12 days - if you saw a bus with the list of amendments.

“The drivers on Sunday gave no verbal warning of the impending cancellations. Not all buses had the notice displayed.

“This means that Wisbech and March have no public transport between them on Sundays. The 46 also went to King’s Lynn.”

Andy Campbell, managing director of Stagecoach East, said: “There were a very small number of passengers using this service and so we decided it would not be economically viable for us to continue with it.

“Appropriate notices were posted on buses prior to the withdrawal of the service and we also tweeted to our regular customers.

“We apologise for any inconvenience the withdrawal of the service may have caused passengers.”

Stagecoach promised they were investing heavily into services in this area recently when they told MP Steve Barclay that £1 million has been spent improving bus reliability and £2 million has been spent replacing the oldest 25 per cent of buses in the fleet.

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