Welcome relief as hairdresser back at care home

Jubilant return of hairdressers

Jubilant welcome for the return of hairdressers at Marshland care home - Credit: Marshland Home

Hair dressers return

There were happy scenes at Hickathrift House care home in Marshland St James as hairdressers were finally allowed back into the home.

Just like the rest of the country, residents had been waiting patiently for months to get their hair styled and so they were delighted to be able to book in for a long overdue cut and blow dry.

Paula Colman, General Manager at Hickathrift House commented: “

It really has felt like Christmas today, our residents are just so delighted to be able to get a good cut and to feel like themselves again.  It is wonderful to see them all so happy, we have really missed our hairdressers – it is fantastic to be able to welcome them back again.”


(general manager)

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End of term

I write with reference to two people who have been in the news in the past week whose careers have ended.

Firstly, PCSO Terry McCormack: what a great guy.

I witnessed a man committing suicide by jumping off Wisbech Town Bridge, horrendous.

I returned home in absolute bits and began writing a report of what I had witnessed.

Shortly after, Terry and PCSO Sue Clarke called round to make sure I was OK. 

I wasn't, but they stayed with me until I had calmed down and took a statement.

What helped was during some small talk, I revealed that one of my favourite bands was The Pogues. and Terry said he had been a roadie for them! Wow!

Terry and Sue that day were the absolute epitome of professionalism and a credit to the police service; how the powers that be think policing with less PCSOs will be a good thing need their heads examining.

Secondly, firefighter Nicola Barlow: I first met Nicola at an  evening class at the Isle College.

Several years later she moved to the same road as me and our sons went to school together and played rugby for Wisbech juniors until the age of 16, both boys still play rugby but for different teams, so she and I shared many cold windswept pitches together. 

Nicola was a mould breaker, the first full time woman firefighter in Cambridgeshire. She has laid the foundations for women firefighters in the county and beyond.

She has now retired after 30 years service. Nicola is one of life's really nice people, I can honestly say I never heard her say a bad word about anyone. Happy retirement Nicola.

NICK MEEKINS, town and district councillor for Peckover Ward, Wisbech.

Please remove barrier 

I am writing on behalf of my aunt, Elizabeth.

It would be nice for nature lovers if the Middle Level Waterman’s Club removed the barrier at the bottom of the slipway so that swans and cygnets could relax there as they have been doing for the last 27 years.

There are not many places they can go owing to the steep banks of the river and all the activity in the park. Apparently the barrier is there for health and safety reasons and I can not see what harm the swans can do.

Surely the barrier can be put higher up, or better still, removed altogether. To see the swans and cygnets boosts ones morale and is good for everyone.

There is always someone who comes along and spoils things - they are full of their own importance and like to be in command. In my opinion they are selfish and against nature.

So please let things be as they were before, i.e swans and cygnets preening themselves and having a nap with their heads tucked under their wings.

A big thank you to the Middle Level Waterman’s Club if they put a wrong right.


Neglected roads 

Just wondering if any of your journalists can invest the appalling condition of the roads in East Cambridgeshire.

I have contacted the MP Steve Barclay but it was only one of his underlings that replied with a big standard email from the highways.

A councillor has been notified about this also.With the same result.

The roads are horrendous something needs to be done to them be for someone is killed.

Just for example: A10 Littleport to Ely bypass is probably the worst there is.


Time for lottery awards

The 2021 National Lottery Awards are now open for entries.

Once again, the annual search for the UK’s favourite National Lottery funded people and projects will recognise those individuals and organisations who have made an extraordinary impact in their community – especially during these unprecedented times.

National Lottery players raise £30 million every week for good causes and we know this money is being used in amazing and inspiring ways. As part of The National Lottery Awards we want to celebrate those whose selfless dedication and fantastic work makes such a difference in villages, towns and cities across the country.

Encompassing all areas of National Lottery funding, you nominate local legends and hometown heroes in the following categories: culture, arts & film, community/charity, heritage and sport. In addition, there will be a young hero award for someone under the age of 18.

Furthermore, groups or organisations are eligible to enter The National Lottery Project of the Year category, where shortlisted finalists will face a public vote later in the year.

All award winners will receive an iconic National Lottery Awards trophy and £3,000 for their organisation.

Nominations can be made by completing an entry form on our website www.lotterygoodcauses.org.uk/awards. All nominees must have been funded by The National Lottery or be associated with a National Lottery funded project. Entries must be received by midnight on 7 June 2021.


National Lottery Awards

Here to help

Jack's supermarket on Fenland Way kindly donated snacks, lunchbox items and drinks to both Chatteris Parish Church Foodbank to help with their incredible work in Chatteris. 

The Food Bank runs with Volunteers from Chatteris who give their time to help those in a crisis, by handing out food parcels for up to four days.

When items are available, the visitor can choose other products  such as toiletries, pet food, and occasionally  fresh items can be on offer too.

The donation will help both organisations to continue their selfless work helping the people of Chatteris. 

Everyone at Jack's is always looking for new ways to give back to the local community. Chatteris Parish Church Foodbank has been working so hard to help as many people as possible and we're very happy to help in any way we can.


Store Manager

Putting on the style

I read your article in the local paper with interest; that is you article about the racist policeman being fired, not before time I am sure.

May I kindly point out that an otherwise well written piece is marred in my view by an egregious grammatical error.

In your article you include the words ‘racially abused a colleague also sat at the table’.

The word ‘sat’ is the past participle of the verb ‘to sit’. You intended to write ‘ also sitting at the table’. If he had ‘sat’ at the table the day before the abuse, there would have been no abuse.

I trust you will take my criticism in a positive light and I wish you every success in your career.


(part-lime linguistics expert and coach ‘sort of’)

'People just don't care'

I was amazed to see the Conservatives  in Fenland retain their seats with about the same amount of votes as last time.  

This says to me that the people of Wisbech just do not care.  

To those who didn't bother to vote- DONT MOAN. You had the chance to change things but didn't bother.  

It will be interesting in 2022 when you have to have ID to vote.  I have spoken to a lot of people and they to are amazed at the result but at least they voted.

 So we will now go back to Cllr Steve Tierney's blog blog.  Something that has in the past been used to abuse other councillors but don't worry he is teflon for a reason.  

The party comes first and foremost with these people but like I said will you ever learn and expect another four years of the same.  

All this is my opinion and no one else's so it seems.


(A voter who cares).