There’s far too much secrecy in our councils and blatant misrepresentation of the facts

Yet another quote form Councillor David Oliver about which I am truly mystified.

About Constantine House, he is quoted in your August 14 issue as saying: “We continue to make every effort to force the owner to comply fully with the Section 215 Notice.”

If Fenland District Council was making every effort why hasn’t it taken the owner to court or even (and I am sure this would have taken too much hard work) taken action to complete the work itself?

It then could then take a charge on the building which ensures it recoups its money or alternatively it can sell the property!

Recently Cllr Oliver complained that the utility companies working in Nene Quay did not consult the council. Shame on them!

You may also want to watch:

I’m scratching my head to remember exactly when Cllr Oliver, as chairman of the markets committee and leader of Wisbech Town Council, consulted anyone about cutting down the trees in the market place.

Copious blogger, Councillor Steve Tierney, describes Cllr Oliver as “a clever guy” but then Steve can only see the world through his right eye since he obviously wears a blinker over the left!

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Petty party political points bore everyone but they appear food and drink to Steve. More focus on practical issues would be more productive.

There is far too much secrecy in our councils and blatant misrepresentation of the facts. Councils are elected to govern for the benefit of all the community not for just the few who think they were born to govern.


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