These dogs deserve a chance - and we have all been left feeling helpless

I write to you to support JJ Rescue.

I have only recently supported the group as I needed help with my two West Highland Terriers, Bonnie and Clyde. They needed to learn to socialise.

After speaking to Rob Phipps on many occasions he invited me to bring the dogs along with the other volunteers and he would support me whilst the dogs were walked.

The first week, we met at the warehouse. There was a great mixture of people and dogs. I felt overwhelmed at first and nearly backed up to open the boot to take my dogs home as they seemed to be the smallest dogs there with more attitude than the whole lot put together.

After a few minutes, strangers made me feel very welcome and I stayed. We started walking and I had no idea what the route was.

Everyone had a mixture of dogs and they were very sensible - my two were the only dogs that had a problem.

After a very long walk - five miles to be exact - I realised what a great bunch of people I had just met and I couldn’t wait to come back the next day.

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As I am sure you are aware, the dogs that Rob was holding at the warehouse were removed by the RSPCA and this has been very upsetting.

I have seen how the dogs lived in the crates and how they were fed and watered. They were treated no differently to a family pet. The only difference was they had no family.

I decided I wanted to get involved as much as possible so created a website to start trying to find homes for these dogs.

Every dog that I came across wanted a hug. I would go home filthy after the walks but never cared as I had given my free time and I felt rewarded by a sloppy kiss.

There was no time given to Rob to allow him to find the homes for the dogs.

What the RSPCA did may have been the correct procedure at the time but we have all been left feeling helpless. The community is supporting so much.

There are so many unanswered questions and no-one is interested in discussing what will happen.

Rob has spent hours and hours getting these dogs to trust him and the volunteers and turned some of them around - you almost forget why they ended up there.

Please can you support us as much as possible. We need answers to understand what we need to do now.

None of the dogs deserve to be put to sleep, most were heading that way before Rob stepped in.

They were not born to be a problem to anyone. They deserve to be given a chance.


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