Thief lost his shoes as he ran from police after being caught stealing thousands of pounds worth of metal

POLICE caught a thief stealing more than �9,000 worth of large metal rings from a Chatteris manufacturing business in the early hours of yesterday after a member of the public alerted police.

Kieron Russell had tried to run away from an abandoned truck loaded with the stolen goods - and lost his footwear as he tried to escape.

Appearing before a District Judge at Wisbech courthouse today (Tuesday), 19-year-old Russell of Haley Close in Wisbech admitted the theft of metal flanges from Stainless Metalcraft on January 24.

He committed the offence when subject to a curfew and was in breach of a 20-week suspended jail sentence.

Prosecuting, Emma Duckett said: “A witness saw a truck at the premises, and believed a theft was taking place. Police attended and stopped the vehicle, a person was seen leaving the truck, several large metal rings were in the vehicle.”

The 18 stolen items were worth between �500 and �1,000 each, said Miss Duckett.

Mitigating, solicitor David Chapple said Russell had been persuaded to join in the theft by a group of men who arrived at his uncle’s home address.

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“He simply went along with what he was asked to do,” said Mr Chapple.

“The fence had already been cut and the rings placed outside; it was his job to load them into the back of the truck.

“The truck set off very rapidly when police arrived, people panicked and abandoned the truck.

“He is a vulnerable young man unable to resist a group of men who persuaded him into this ill conceived venture.”

District Judge Ken Sheraton committed Russell to Cambridge Crown Court for sentence, and remanded him in custody.

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