Thief stole a fortnight’s groceries from Asda in Wisbech after visiting for just a sandwich

A HUNGRY thief who went into a store to steal a sandwich – but decided to help himself to a couple of weeks worth of groceries while he was there - has been given a 12 month conditional discharge.

Drug user Roger Tripp had loaded up a trolley with 75 items, worth �229, before he walked out of the Asda store in Wisbech without paying.

“He is taking steps to keep out of trouble and get off drugs,” Fenland magistrates were told by solicitor Roger Glazebrook.

“He has got his drug use down to almost nothing, he has a prescription for methadone.”

The court heard how staff in Asda watched Tripp on CCTV as he walked out with the laden trolley, and he was stopped outside.

“When interviewed by police, Tripp said he had come to Wisbech to see his ex-partner, and had slept rough,” said prosecutor Andrea Fawcett

“He woke up hungry and decided to steal some food. He decided he might as well get two weeks worth of food, to see him through until he next got some money.”

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Tripp. 32, who is living at The Green Welly, in Chatteris, had admitted theft.

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