Think twice before going to hospital, says the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn

PRESSURE on hospital emergency services could be eased if patients used alternatives to visiting the accident and emergency department, says medical staff at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital at King’s Lynn

Interim hospital medical director Dr Mark Blunt, said this week: “With colder weather predicted soon, hospitals are likely to be kept extremely busy with patients needing urgent treatment for serious emergency conditions.

“It will help us considerably if those with less serious conditions, for example, coughs, colds and relatively minor illnesses, could take advice first before coming to hospital.

“The excellent 111 phone service, your GP practice or local pharmacy can give expert advice that may save you a trip to the hospital.”

The hospital also says that anyone who has had symptoms of diarrhoea or vomiting within the previous 48 hours, but is otherwise well, should not go to hospital for treatment or to visit sick friends and relatives. Instead, they should stay at home, keep warm and drink plenty of fluids. If symptoms persist, then patients should call their GP for advice.

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