Thomas Clarkson’s zero tolerance policy is praised by Ofsted

Principal Clare Claxton.

Principal Clare Claxton. - Credit: Archant

Thomas Clarkson Academy’s new zero tolerance behaviour policy has been praised for making a positive impact on students after Ofsted paid a surprise visit to the school.

Inspector Jason Howard visited the academy last month and in a letter to principal Clare Claxton said: “Bullying is rare and dealt with quickly and robustly.

“The academy’s monitoring data indicates that fewer students ignore informal or formal warnings than was the case before the zero tolerance policy, that the incidence of low level disruption is declining and that it is almost unknown in the sixth form.”

Principal Clare Claxton said: “The content of the report is testimony to the hard work of staff, students and the many parents who support the changes we have made. This proves we are well on track for Thomas Clarkson Academy to gain a good grade at the next Ofsted inspection.”

Mr Howard said the academy faced difficulty in recruiting and retaining staff and had an above average proportion of students with special educational needs, who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and who speak a first language other than English.

During his visit he found that students generally behaved well around the academy, socialised companionably during break periods and moved to lessons quickly.

He said: “They treat the academy’s facilities with respect, there is very little litter or graffiti.

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“The overwhelming majority of students are punctual, polite and smartly-dressed. Teachers and other adults are respectful and calm when making their expectations clear, one student noted that this shows us the best way to behave.

“Relationships between students are positive, during the inspection, a new student who spoke very little English was welcomed and helped by her peers.”