Thousands expected at three day reggae, dub, DNB, oldskool, Jungle, Hip Hop, Electro and a host of other music at Whittlesey

THOUSANDS are expected at a three day pop festival in Whittlesey in August- providing organisers sort out licensing issues with Fenland Council and police.

Gildenburgh Centre owner Ian Forster has offered the site for the Organic Sounds Music Festival, now in its fourth year.

The festival is advertising a mix of “British reggae, dub, oldskool, DNB, Jungle,

Hip Hop, Breakbeat, Electro, Tech, Hardtrance, Psytrance, Hardtek, ska

and incredible local MC supremos like Congo Natty and Tenor Fly”.

However a spokesman for Fenland Council said Mr Forster had only recently attended a safety advisory group to discuss requirements with police, environmental health teams and police.

“These are all groups who advise on safety and they raised several issues,” said the spokesman. Risk assessments, evacuation plans and securing “a proper dedicated police presence” are part of the requirements.

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The spokesman said Mr Forster “has gone away to think about that”

A website set up by the organisers doesn’t indicate the numbers expected but it could run into thousands over the three days from August 3-5.

The organisers say that for safety reasons “restrictions on alcohol have been put in place for the duration of the festival.

“Only small quantities will be allowed onto the venue for personal consumption only.

“Large quantities will be taken by security at the check in gate and will only be returned when the person leaves the venue for good.”

One resident has complained about the festival and said she “cannot believe that Fenland District Council is letting this go on in such close proximity to residential areas.

“They are allowing it to be held in a place that was and is designed for divers not party goers, and I am at a loss to understand why such a reckless decision has been made, if its been made, to allow it to go ahead.”