Three thieves who netted almost £1 million from over 100 burglaries in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk ordered to repay just £1 each - because they’ve ‘no assets’

Burglary gang sentenced: Kyle Shillingford with some of the money following burglaries. PIC: Submitt

Burglary gang sentenced: Kyle Shillingford with some of the money following burglaries. PIC: Submitted. - Credit: Archant

A trio of burglars that netted almost £1 million from more than 100 burglaries throughout a six-month crime spree have been ordered to repay just £1 each – because they’ve spent all the loot.

At an earlier hearing, Ipswich Crown Court heard high-value jewellery and cars were targeted during the burglaries which took place in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and the London area.

The court was told that as well as the thefts, homes were left ransacked, graffiti was daubed on some of the properties and some had the water left running, causing flooding.

In total, damage valued at around £60,000 was caused during 102 burglaries in a six-month crime spree where items valued at a total of £970,000 were taken.

The gang, consisting of Joseph Mahon, 20, of Cambridge, Robert Butler, 31, of Romford and Kyle Shillingford, 27, of no fixed address, appeared before the court again for a confiscation hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

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However because they have “no assets”, a £1 token sum repayment is all they will pay each.

Properties in Norfolk, including Poringland and Woodton; Newmarket, Hoxne, Hengrave, Haghley Green and Barrow in Suffolk; and Fordham in Cambridgeshire were targeted by the gang.

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In one case, six burglaries were committed in one day in Cambridgeshire in March 2014.

Yesterday, prosecution counsel Michael Crimp told the court that Butler’s benefit from his offending was £201,186, Shillingford’s was £115,527 and Mahon’s was £30,669.

He said none of the defendants had any assets and a nominal £1 confiscation order was made against each of them by Judge John Devaux.

Shillingford and Mahon had admitted conspiracy to commit burglary between March and September last year and Butler had denied the offence but was convicted after a trial earlier this year.

In June, Butler was jailed for seven years, Shillingford for 28 months and Mahon for 40 months.

Confiscation hearings for two other members of the gang – Luke Wall, 24, and Teresa Connors, 20, both of Tilbury – were adjourned.

Wall and Connors had both admitted conspiracy to burgle and earlier this year Wall was jailed for eight years and Connors was given an eight-month custodial sentence.

The judge also commented that each gang member all played a part in a significant conspiracy to burgle properties in a large geographical area where high value property was stolen and that they had all shown a significant degree of planning and sophistication.

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