Three vehicles come off the A1101 between Wisbech and Long Sutton during last night’s heavy rain

One of the cars that went off the A1101

One of the cars that went off the A1101 - Credit: Archant

Three vehicles left the A1101 Sutton Road between Wisbech and Long Sutton on Sunday evening.

One of the cars that went off the A1101

One of the cars that went off the A1101 - Credit: Archant

A police spokesman said: “Due to the heavy rain drivers are underestimating the conditions. Please take extra care on the slippery roads.”

One driver whose car came off the road said: “I was in one of those accidents and to clear things up it was not speed that caused it. It was the road conditions and the oil or diesel that’s on the surface that makes it greasy.”

The driver added, in a message on the Cambs Police Facebook page, “so think of the people who were hurt in the accident rather than calling them idiots and blaming speed as it’s not always the case”.

Another driver said: “I lost control of my car there yesterday and had a very close call, and that wasn’t because I was speeding it was because of the road conditions.

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“It was really scary as my car was sliding across the road, really greasy, slippery conditions.”

Another said: “The blue mini was my sister’s car and she’s a very careful driver and not an idiot.”

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One message on the Facebook page said there were two vehicles that went off the road on Friday evening.

“The speed limit is there for a reason on this road, so many people still do not abide by it,” said the post.

“Maybe not all accidents are caused by speed but unfortunately the vast majority are. “Hope all involved are ok.”

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