Through hell and high water: one student’s work placement commute

A STUDENT whose morning commute involves a 20-mile cycle ride had to brave a 100-metre stretch of flooded road to reach her work placement this morning - but still did it with a smile.

Gabriella Roa is up at 10 to five before she cycles 12 miles from her home in Burwell to catch a train from Newmarket to Littleport. From Littleport she cycles a further eight miles to Welney where she is works in the accounting department at Giles Landscapes.

Without a moment’s hesitation this morning she took on the Welney Wash, flooded by the recent heavy rain, but did not a bat an eyelid when her colleagues were astounded she had made it in at all.

“I got soaked yesterday as well but the road wasn’t flooded. I came in in a state but then I just take a change of clothes and transform,” she said.

“It’s quite fun. I get soaked every time a bus goes past but I find it funny. If I didn’t have to do this kind of exercise when I got up in the morning I reckon I’d be more exhausted.

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“I don’t know where I get the dedication from - I used to find it difficult just to cycle to Cambridge for a waiter job.”

Gabriella, 20, spends two days a week studying for an accountancy course at Cambridge Regional College and the remainder gaining experience in Welney.

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She used to live round the corner from the workplace in Welney but moved to Burwell just before she took the job.

She will finish her studying next year and hopes to become an accountant.

Managing director at Giles Landscapes Roger Giles praised Gabriella’s commitment,

He said: “What a great recommendation for the youth of today.

“She had a change of clothes in a plastic bag on her back. She went to the ladies and changed then just breezed into the office, did a great day’s work without batting an eyelid.

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