Tidal power is fantastic energy source and won’t blot Fen landscape - unlike wind power or fracking

Trevor Bevis is right to express concern at Alan Melton’s wish to encourage fracking firms to come to the Fens.

There are major concerns throughout the whole world over the safety of extracting this source of energy.

Fracking involves using millions of gallons of water along with sand and chemicals pumped into the ground to fracture the underground rock formation.

This would result in a major “industrial” operation in the Fenland landscape with vast amounts of material being brought into the area and then transporting all the “toxic” waste out again.

With the recent storms around our coastline surely anyone can see the vast amounts of hidden energy contained in the sea. It is a reliable constant source of energy, it is safe and produces no toxic waste.

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Using tidal power, there would be less need for wind turbines blotting our landscape, less need for fracking with its serious safety issues and it would be supplying energy 24/7.

The UK is very lucky to have this hidden source of energy on its doorstep but we are just ignoring it. Why?

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