Time to stand up for families in Fenland hit hardest by government cuts

THIS week I heard from Labour’s new leader Ed Miliband that the coming cuts to local authorities will hit the average family by �182 this year.

With the local elections just a few weeks away, I wanted to write to share this shocking figure.

At the end of this month you will probably also see the difference in your pay slip (if you haven’t already noticed the extra costs in your shopping basket, or putting petrol in your car).

I’m very worried about how this level of cuts will affect our services in this area. I hope that after the local elections on May 5, we’ll have Labour councillors who will speak up for our area against the Tory-Lib Dem Government’s unfair policies.

As the cuts start hitting services, I think it’s time to stand up for families who are being hit hardest.

Please make your vote count.


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Labour Candidate, Hill Ward

Via e-mail

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