Tipper lorry container crashes into scaffolding on site of new Sanctuary Housing development in Fenland town

Tipped up Tipper lorry, Gaul road . March. Picture: Steve Williams.

Tipped up Tipper lorry, Gaul road . March. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

A tipper lorry making a delivery of ballast to a building site in Gaul Road, March, today overturned, sending scaffolding crashing to the ground.

One worker said mud way gave on one side as the lorry began to raise its tipper and the back end smashed into scaffolding.

“It has smashed scaffolding and smashed two courses of brick work as well as making the wall bow,” said the worker.

The lorry is owned by P&R Gound Works and Civil Engineering from Fleet near Holbeach,

The area has been shut off and workers are busy trying to get the tipper unit back upright.

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In a statement Sanctuary said: “We have started to conduct an internal investigation into this.

“At this moment we are unsure as to the reason or the cause. The vehicle is being recovered.

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“We have the equipment to recover ourselves but we called in the professionals.”

The housing estate is being built on behalf of Sanctuary Housing Society and will eventually be home for 40 families.

Only last week Sanctuary showed some of their new tenants around the estate that has been subject to numerous delays since the original contractors were removed.

For the first time in its 40 year history Sanctuary said it had to step in and take over the management of a site due to deadlines not being met - the homes should have been ready for January 2014.

The most crucial missing element holding up the scheme, they say, was two site access roads along with footpaths over an existing ditch, which are currently being finalised.

Simon Clark, Sanctuary’s group director housing and support said: “The homes are very nearly finished although we still have a bit of work to do on the roads and drainage ditches before residents can move in.”

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