Tories under fire for ‘ignoring’ Wisbech and Fens in �472 million budget

COUNTY Tories have been accused of ignoring Fenland – and particularly Wisbech- with their latest budget.

Liberal Democrat councillors claim the Conservatives “have recognised the major problems facing the town but taken the decision not to address them in their �472 million budget”

Councillor Kilian Bourke, leader of the Lib Dem opposition group on the county council, said: “Despite agreeing major capital spending in other parts of the county, they have ignored projects which could help Wisbech’s economy and provide jobs.

“And worse still they limit the area of economic growth to a ‘diamond’ south and west of March.

“This budget is extremely bad news for Wisbech.”

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Cllr Bourke added: “The Tories have highlighted the problems faced by this town and taken a conscious decision to ignore them. This is a missed opportunity which offers the people of Wisbech nothing to address the real problems that they face.

“The Conservatives are once again failing to improve the Wisbech economy and bring jobs to the town. They should propose improving transport links to and from Wisbech, but they haven’t. They should be improving Wisbech schools, where the town’s children need to be given a fair deal, but they’re not.”

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Councillor Kevin Wilkins, Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure, added: “If the Tories can spend �200 million on a Guided Busway and �30 million on a bypass in Ely the least they can do is provide some better transport infrastructure for Wisbech.”

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