Tornado strikes gardens leaving trail of damage

A PENSIONER told how a tornado lifted his summer house clean into the air and dumped it in a neighbouring field.

There were reports of damage across the Fens as storms surged across East Anglia on Sunday afternoon.

Second World War veteran Ken Adams, 90, of Marshland St James, was among the worst affected.

“I heard a loud roar but it was stormy outside and I didn’t think anything of it until a neighbour came over to ask if I was ok because there had been a tornado,” he said.

“I then looked outside and my summer house was gone - the tornado had lifted it up, put it over the high hedge at the back of my garden and onto the field behind.

“It was quite a surprise when I looked outside and it had disappeared but the strange thing is the summer house had lots of windows and none of them were broken.”

Next door neighbours Derek and Jean Barker also had their garden devastated by the tornado, which struck at around 2pm.

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Mrs Barker said: “The first thing I saw move was the umbrella we have for our table and chairs outside which flew off across the garden and then other pieces started to move.

“However it was only later when I went outside that we saw how much damage the tornado caused.”

Mr Barker added: “Our plant pots were moved and smashed into pieces, the water fountain is in pieces across the garden and our shed has had its roof taken off.

“We also lost a few roof tiles and I couldn’t believe it when I saw all the damage. It’s like a herd of elephants has come through our garden.”

At least three other nearby properties suffered roof tile damage and one car is believed to have been damaged by flying tiles.

Chris Bell, forecaster with Norwich-based Weatherquest, said: “There was definitely enough spin in Sunday’s storms to produce a tornado or two.

“We had an area of low pressure moving of to the east and there was a lot of unstable air behind it, so it’s not a huge surprise.”

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