Tourism gets �100k boost as Fenland District Council reveals plans for new website

TOURISM in Fenland was given an unexpected boost by council leader Alan Melton after he revealed plans to spend �100,000 on experts to create a new website.

In a late alteration to the council’s budget, �100,000 was set aside from an emergency pot of �1.58million for web-based development of tourism.

Cllr Melton said at last Thursday’s meeting of the council: “The way we provide tourist information and attract people into the district is not cost-effective.

“We need to make tourist information accessible wherever the public go and one of the tools we can use is a web-based tool. But to do what we would like to, our current web facility is not fit for purpose.”

The council has a new website in the pipeline but Cllr Melton said it would not be suitable to promote tourism, industry and commerce.

He said: “We intend to set �100,000 aside for web-based development. It may not be enough but it’s a start. We need to bring in people who can tell us it’s good enough.

“Attracting tourists is probably a low priority for the public but I don’t think they understand how important it is to Fenland. It’s our shop window to attract others to the district, particularly those who may want to invest.

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“Returns on this investment could be significant in years to come. As a result, this is a top priority.”

The pledge was supported in particular by Councillor Simon King who said: “Tourism and leisure is an under-developed aspect of this district. This money is a good starting point.”

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