Town mayor and district councillor oppose plans for new end of life car recycling centre in Fenland town

A PROPOSED scrap car and breaking yard has been branded “wholly inappropriate” by a Fenland councillor.

Councillor Ken Peachey is angry that officers at Fenland Hall raised no objections when asked for their views by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Cllr Peachey believes the proposal – made to the county council who handle all waste and minerals applications- should have been considered by Fenland councillors.

“Fenland Council was consulted by Cambridgeshire County Council but this is the type of thing that needs to go through a planning committee,” he said.

“This area of Whittlesey is already a problem area.”

Fenland Council raised no objection as the road has been used by light vehicles but between six and 10 car transporters and skip trucks are expected to go to the new site a week disturbing residents.

Cllr Peachey said: “It is in a residential area and it is a wholly inappropriate use of this site. It’s unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles and car transporters to go down the road. We have loads of industrial units in Whittlesey which would have been much better.

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“You cannot get an articulated lorry down the road, there’s not enough space for them to turn in.”

Whittlesey Mayor Councillor Derek Stebbing said: “This is the wrong site. We are all against the plans. The residents down the road will not want the disruption at all times in the week.

“The road they will use is unsuitable; it is more like a bridal path. It has been already been churned up by previous activity. It’s difficult enough to get on to the main road near the Boat Inn in a car let alone a lorry.

“The river bank is a serious problem and a year or so ago it nearly collapsed and if this goes ahead it could cause floods.”

A final decision is awaited.


Scrap cars will be sent to the site, and waste oil/water drained off and collected by underground tanks

Cars will be stripped by hand of all re-usable parts

Tyres will be removed and stored

Oxyacetylene equipment will cut up the car body/chassis and the items placed in skips

Contractors will collect the waste- they will be told to stay on the B1040 until Cambers New Drove leading onto Black Bush Drove and left onto Crease Bank

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