A father who was one foot away from death after a two-car crash believes more needs to be done to make one of east Cambridgeshire’s main roads safer.

Daren Lumley was driving from Soham along the A142 when he indicated to turn right at the junction with Barcham Road on Monday afternoon.

“I indicated and this car smashed into me, spun round 80 degrees and then spun four, five times into a lady’s fence further down the road,” said Daren.

“The driver decided it would be okay to overtake everyone and said they did not realise there was a turning on the right.”

Daren was left with a sore knee, back and shoulders and suffered sickness following the crash.

The other driver also sustained minor injuries, but Daren fears it could have been much worse.

“There was a lorry behind me; the driver did not realise I was at the junction turning right and ended up smashed into the side of my car,” he said.

“I was shaken, trying to get hold of what had gone on.

“If they hit my car a foot further back (from the point of impact), I would have been dead.”

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said the road remained open as both cars were recovered.

“We were contacted at 2.55pm on May 9 with reports of a collision in The Shade (A142) near Soham,” they said.

“A Renault Clio left the road and collided with a fence; a Saab 9-3 was also involved in the collision.”

It is the third accident to take place on the A142 between Ely and Soham in the last month, including 23-year-old motorcyclist Patryk Wojtowicz who died after a crash involving two cars.

Daren, whose Saab was damaged beyond repair, is now calling for action to help improve one of east Cambridgeshire’s accident hotspots.

“I’m thankful whether someone was looking over me, it could have been far worse not for myself, but for the drivers,” said Daren.

“But how many more people have to lose their lives before something is done?

“Traffic lights, speed cameras, even if speed bumps are there, something to slow the traffic down."

He added: “Someone needs to step up to the mark and do something about it.”