Caravan stuck under bridge in Stonea

A caravan stuck under a bridge.

The road has been closed whilst recovery takes place. - Credit: Matthew Thomas

A caravan has become stuck under a bridge in Sixteen Foot Bank, Stonea.

The incident occurred this morning (Wednesday, June 15), at approximately 8.00am.

No injuries were sustained in the event.

The extent of the damage incurred to the caravan is not yet clear.

It also remains uncertain as to whether any damage to the bridge has been sustained.

Officers from Cambridgeshire Police attended the scene, and temporarily closed the road.

A caravan stuck under a bridge.

The bridge was the second-most struck bridge in Great Britain, in 2018. - Credit: Matthew Thomas

Recovery of the caravan followed.

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A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said: “We were called at about 8am today (15 June) with reports a car towing a caravan had struck a bridge in Sixteen Foot Bank, Stonea.

“The vehicle is stuck under the bridge and is being recovered.

“Nobody was injured.”

The white caravan can be seen in the incident pictured, with a height warning sign on the bridge above.

 The bridge was the second-most hit bridge in Great Britain, in 2018.