Ongoing works continue to cause travel headaches in Cambs

Pavement and road damage in Burwell and Manea

Pavement damage in Burwell (left) and potholes on Byall Fen Drove, Manea taken in February, which Cambridgeshire County Council is unsure if these can be permanently repaired. - Credit: Supplied/Daniel Mason

Road repair nightmares and ongoing roadworks are continuing to cause headaches for residents in parts of Cambridgeshire. 

From potholes and uneven surfaces to sewage upgrades, many commuters and residents have faced issues over the last few months. 

In Burwell, gaping damage was spotted on a pavement on High Street opposite the village’s memorial hall. 

One resident said: “I stepped on the cover on the way home in the dark and it is getting worse. 

Pavement damage on High Street, Burwell

Cambridgeshire County Council say pavement damage on High Street, Burwell (pictured) has now been repaired. - Credit: Supplied

“It's been getting worse for at least three months.  

“When it has been raining and the road floods, the wash from the vehicles has eroded the path.” 

On Tuesday, Cambridgeshire County Council’s highways team attended the site. 

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A county council spokesperson said: “Our highways team made the area safe by fixing the damage with temporary tarmac. 

“Permanent repairs began on March 23 and were expected to be finished by March 24.” 

Meanwhile, the second phase of a £200,000 investment in improving Cottenham’s sewer network is taking place. 

Road closures and two-way traffic lights will be in place as Anglian Water continue works. 

Here are the key roads in Cottenham affected by the works: 

  • Rampton Road – remains closed until works are completed on April 1 

  • High Street/The Green – closed between March 31 – April 7 as sewer scheme progresses from Rampton Road 

  • High Street/Histon Road – two-way traffic signals between March 31 – April 7 

Cottenham Parish Council confirmed multi-way lights will also be installed in the Oakington Road area as work begins to install a pavement between April 11 – May 20. 

In Manea, potholes have been a scourge, particularly Byall Fen Drove where some of the worst damage can be found. 

Pothole on Byall Fen Drove, Manea

Temporary repairs have been in place in areas of Byall Fen Drove, Manea. - Credit: Daniel Mason

Temporary repairs by the county council were completed in February, but it is unclear if a permanent solution will be in place. 

Cllr Charlie Marks, parish and Fenland district councillor, says he will “continue to battle on as issues develop. 

Cllr Charlie Marks and Cllr Jan Coupland in Manea

Both Cllr Charlie Marks (right) and Cllr Jan Coupland (left), vice-chairman of Manea Parish Council, have called for urgent road repairs to be completed in and around Manea, including Byall Fen Drove. - Credit: Daniel Mason

“They have done temporary repair to do the verge holes.  

“However, it’s a bigger scheme to do major repairs and they have to go and find the funding.” 

A county council spokesperson said details of extra costs for repairs on Byall Fen Drove have not been confirmed. 

A proposal to invest £1.29m in immediate improvements to county highways will be considered after the council forecasted an end of year underspend of £15.7m.