Tree preservation orders in Fenland count for nothing

REGARDING the trees in Elm Road which a certain gentleman wants felling (Samuel Brakespeare’s Diary, October 8).

Surely those trees were already there when the houses at College Gardens were built. Why then, did he go there to live knowing that deciduous trees do give shade and do shed their leaves in the autumn?

As to the preservation orders, they apparently count for nothing. I remember two trees in Berryfield had preservation orders on them, picket fences were placed around them when building commenced.

But guess what? On a bank holiday Saturday afternoon the felling of those trees happened. Several neighbours including myself could not contact anybody and the deed was done.

So, you see, it would appear that in Fenland preservation orders count for nothing, so I suppose it’s a done deal.

Maybe you could remind people that trees oxygenate the air that we breathe.


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