Tribute to the Lotus Mark VI - Colin Chapman’s first production car - released by Fenland manufacturer Tiger Racing

A TRIBUTE to Colin Chapman’s first production car - the Lotus Mark VI - has been designed and built by a Fenland sportscar manufacturer.

Tiger Racing, based at Thorney Toll, has released the HS6 after a development lasting six months. It is described by company director Jim Dudley as “the next best thing”.

This first car is based around a rusty old Triumph - it includes the engine, gearbox, front hubs and instruments.

Mr Dudley said: “There are still lots of old rotting Triumph Spitfires and Heralds out there - usually around �400-�500 buys ones.

“Using the engines from a Triumph makes the emission level much easier to pass on its Individual Vehicle Approval test (required for registration these days) and the early type engine is in keeping with the historic feel to the HS6.

“Our modern Tigers, using the Zetec or Duratec Ford engines, have to pass a much higher catalysed test.”

The Mark VI was Lotus founder Colin Chapman’s design and his first production car. The prototype was unveiled in 1952 and enjoyed success on the racetrack before Lotus decided to sell replicas in 1953. Official production stopped at the end of 1955.

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About 110 were built and today there are only around 90 in existence - and one of them is owned by Mr Dudley.

The HS6 is smaller than one of Tiger’s flagship models, the R6, which is a replica of the slightly larger and more successful Lotus Seven. As a result, a new chassis was designed and new moulds were produced for the body.

He said: “Development was fairly quick (six months) as it’s quite a basic car/chassis. Having said that, it will handle a lot better than the original 50s Mark VI.

“It runs double wishbones on the front, compared to the split/welded solid front axle on the Mark VI. Our chassis will also be a stronger chassis than the original - also incorporating seat belts.”

• For more information contact Tiger on 01733 271131 or visit

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