Tributes are paid to March icon Patsy Brewin who dies at the age of 84

Patsy Brewin.

Patsy Brewin. - Credit: Archant

Former Fenland councillor Patsy Brewin has died at the age of 84 after a lifetime of local politics and community work.

Patsy and George Brewin.

Patsy and George Brewin. - Credit: Archant

Mrs Brewin, who was a primary school teacher at Dartford Infants and Maple Grove, was also a March town councillor for many years and has been described as like the town’s answer to Maggie Thatcher.

With husband George, who died in 2008, they owned a shop in High Street which sold everything from christening gifts, birthday memorabilia, jewellery and wedding gifts as well as running Brewins Funeral Directors.

She died at home in the early hours of Wednesday.

Mayor Kit Owen said: “She was a real tour de force. She had an air like Maggie Thatcher; she had her own way of dealing with things. People treated her with respect.

“With her husband George you couldn’t go through life in March without coming into contact with the Brewins - they dealt with everything from cradle to grave.”

One of her most notable achievements was being a founder member of FACT community transport of which she remained treasurer until her death.

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She was also instrumental in making sure March kept its free parking. She was among councillors in 1993 who pushed for free parking saying that introducing a charge would be the final straw for local businesses.

Jo Philpott, manager of FACT, said: “We are deeply sorry to lose a dear and trusted colleague who was not only the original founder of FACT, but remained actively involved over a 26 year period developing an excellent community transport service for our Fenland area which we all continue to enjoy.”

Clive Lemmon, March Town Council clerk, said: “Patsy will be sadly missed and even though she retired as a councillor in May 2007 she remained an active member of the Christmas Lights committee and the Summer Festival committees.

“Her commitment to March was unquestionable.”

After retiring as a teacher Mrs Brewin continued to be involved with Maple Grove as a member of the governing body.

She was a member of March Educational Foundation which looked at extra funding that can be found for the town’s schools and she was a key person in setting up the Silver Jubilee Award which presents grant money to a pupil who has excelled in their studies every year.

Mrs Brewin was a character who spoke her mind, enjoyed glamming up for a special occasion and was the first owner of the Sinclair C5 in the 1980s.

She was the mayor of March in 1988 and George was mayor four times.

The family business of watchmakers, jewellers, cabinet makers, furnishers, removals and funeral directors started in 1884.

She met George through their mutual interest in the Conservative Association and they married in 1961 at St Wendreda’s Church, March.

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