Two councillors from March and another from Whittlesey to sit on panel deciding fate of Wisbech town clerk

Wisbech Town clerk Erbie Murat

Wisbech Town clerk Erbie Murat - Credit: Archant

THREE Fenland councillors- two from March and a third from Whittlesey- have been asked to form a disciplinary committee to determine the fate of suspended Wisbech Town Council clerk Erbie Murat.

Town council leader David Oliver

Town council leader David Oliver - Credit: Archant

Councillors Jan French, Rob Skoulding and Derek Stebbing will sit for up to two days at the end of the month hearing evidence against Mr Murat.

Mr Murat has been suspended from his £30,000 a year post since the beginning of January following a dispute over staffing issues.

A quick resolution never happened and the town council later appointed an investigation committee to consider issues surrounding Mr Murat.

The town council decided to look to Fenland councillors from outside of Wisbech to help resolve the matter.

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Meanwhile Mr Murat has written to every town councillor asking for copies of emails or any correspondence relating to his suspension.

Town council leader David Oliver took the decision to suspend Mr Murat and has since remained at arms length from the investigation.

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“I am in the middle and not supposed to be involved,” he said.

Mr Murat has berated Cllr Oliver and his deputy Councillor Jonathan Farmer insisting they had “bullied, harassed, intimidated, threatened and victimised” him.

He says a meeting with both men was a “pre-meditated, co-ordinated attack on me and the office of the town clerk for Wisbech Town Council. In doing so they breached my employment contract”.

The conduct committee of Fenland District Council heard a complaint from Mr Murat but declined to deal with it.

Mr Murat says the case has had an “an extremely deleterious effect on me”.

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