Two homes go up from two to three storey on land of former Oatsheaf pub at Whittlesey

Oatsheaf Whittlesey

Oatsheaf Whittlesey - Credit: Archant

DEVELOPERS at Whittlesey have been given the go ahead to add an extra storey to two homes within a block of proposed terraces after Fenland planners said the change was only a “minor material amendment.”

Full permission was given for four two-storey terraced homes on land of the now demolished Oatsheaf Inn at West End in November last year.

Now, the green light has been given to make two of those dwellings three storey.

Three residents objected to the changes saying the scale of the design would mean they were higher than the original pub and it would allow full views downwards into their living area, bedroom and garden resulting in a severe invasion of privacy.

They said it would set a dangerous precedent for allowing further three storey homes in the area and would be totally our of character with neighbouring properties.

Fenland planners, however, said the amendment was a “minor material amendment to the approved scheme.”

A report to councillors said that: “The changes between the originally approved scheme for this site and those proposed in the minor amendment are considered to be very limited in terms of changes to the design and layout of the site and impact on neighbouring amenities.”

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Changes include slightly larger rear dormer windows which the builder has offered to obscure glaze to half height help reduce fears of overlooking and minor changes to the elevation designs.

The height to the ridge of the proposed building remains the same.

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