8,500 residents of Fenland town given two numbers to call if they spot this woman on their streets for the next two years

The helpful map provided by Cambridgeshire Police showing the exclusion area in Ramsey from which Ma

The helpful map provided by Cambridgeshire Police showing the exclusion area in Ramsey from which Marissa Maine has been excluded, The injunction was issued on the ground of anti social behaviour. Picture; CAMBS POLICE - Credit: Archant

Any of a Fenland town’s 8,500 residents who spot Marissa Maine in their streets have been given two phone numbers to report her.

A photo of Maine was issued last night together with a map of Ramsey highlighting the centre of the town from which she has been banned.

She had earlier been handed an anti-social behaviour injunction banning her from entering the town.

Maine, 45, was not present when the injunction was granted at Peterborough County Court following an application by Chorus Homes, in partnership with Cambridgeshire Constabulary and Huntingdonshire District Council.

Anyone who witnesses Miss Maine breach the conditions should call police on 101 or Chorus Homes on 0345 266 9760.

The order remains in force until July 16, 2021 and prohibits Maine from visiting the town and all other Chorus Homes owned properties within Huntingdonshire.

Sgt Alice Draper said: "Miss Maine has been a persistent perpetrator of crimes and anti-social behaviour in Ramsey for some time causing harassment, alarm and distress to many members of the community, including several who are vulnerable.

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"The order will provide the community some respite and will give Miss Maine a new start and an opportunity to seek the support she needs."

The injunction also prohibits Maine intimidating or abusing, whether by words or conduct, any person present in the exclusion area or any property owned by Chorus Homes.

She must not engage in conduct which is capable of causing nuisance to any person in the exclusion area or in any property owned by Chorus Homes.

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