UKIP candidate may need to tone down his language, but councillors should also have clear opinions

I AM an ex-city councillor from the south east who regularly visits East Anglia.

As a result, I was interested to read about the spat between UKIP candidate, Alan Lay, and the serving councillors, Dave Patrick and Martin Curtis, who were quick to find offence with choice of words on immigration.

Yes, perhaps Mr Lays does appear to fire from the hip, but to drill down to his comments, there may be an element of truth in what he says.

The public has no confidence in politicians because they will never offer an honest opinion on any subject.

It is infantile to continue to use the now thoroughly discredited Blair mantra of labeling people as “racists” who dare to voice an opinion on the subject of immigration.

While it may be appropriate for Mr Lay to tone down his langauge, perhaps Cllrs Patrick and Curtis should actually consider publishing a clear opinion on a major issue, instead of hiding behind the usual disingenuous political soundbytes that we have all grown tired of.


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