UKIP councillor is sacked from Fenland District Council’s planning committee

Concillor Dave Patrick

Concillor Dave Patrick - Credit: Archant

A UKIP councillor has been thrown off Fenland’s planning committee - even though another lone candidate remains in the team

Councillor Dave Patrick was sacked when the party he was a member of, the LibDem Alliance, officially ceased to exist this week, leaving him standing alone.

Having a council seat is a right for party members but is what is known as “a gift” by the leading party if you stand alone.

He has been replaced by Councilor Dave Connor.

Cllr Patrick said: “I can be thrown off because when you are a lone candidate the seat is a gift. But councillor Bernard Keane is still on planning and he is an independent, although he used to be a Tory and the leading party is Conservative.

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Michael and Virginia Bucknor have a right to a seat because they are a pair so count as a group under the title Truly Independents.

Cllr Patrick said: “It is two months before an election. It begs the question why I have been thrown off and Cllr Keane has been allowed to stay.

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“I have historically always participated in useful debate during planning meetings.”

Councillor Bucknor said: “I believe that planning should not be political and I am therefore disappointed that whilst proportionality is available, to do this so near the end of this council’s term could be seen as churlish.”

Councillor Alan Lay said: “I understand that Fenland District Council have deemed in their “Wisdom” to remove David Patrick, the first Fenland UKIP councillor, off of the planning committee.

“What sin has he committed? They have replaced him with a previous conservative member removed from planning because of an indiscretion.

“Democracy! I don’t think so.”

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