UKIP fight for every resident in this country

With reference to Lloyd Forster’s letter of December 12, I am amazed that someone who is so vociferous on a range of subjects, has not bothered to talk to or listen to the opinion of the people he is claiming to understand.

If Lloyd Forster had actually spoken to the people from Eastern Europe, as we from UKIP have, he would know that they are as worried about uncontrolled immigration as we are.

Eastern European residents are not stupid, they know that this country, which they have moved to, to have a better life than the one they left behind, is changing.

They know that too many immigrants will squeeze their jobs, the chances of getting a house, cause another drop in wages and services etc.

Clearly if you had asked the people of whom you speak what their opinion is, you will have found out that many of the Eastern European community actually support UKIP.

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UKIP fight for everyone resident in this country wherever they originated from as long as they keep to our laws, and pay their way which is what most of them want to do anyway.


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