UKIP have “some mad policies”

I agree with Steve Tierney that UKIP have some mad policies.

On a local level UKIP want to introduce 20mph speed limit across Fenland. The Greens introduced such a policy in Brighton and now face a total wipe-out in next May’s local elections.

On a national level UKIP are an anti-worker party. They want to take away workers’ rights to paid holidays. They also want to abolish maternity pay.

At the same time UKIP want to sell-off the NHS and introduce a £10 charge for people to see their GP.

They also stand for a flat rate income tax where millionaires would pay the same rate of tax as a binman.

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The Newark parliamentary by-election has burst UKIPs bubble.

It means that next May’s general election will be a straight fight between David Cameron’s ‘nasty’ party and Ed Miliband’s ‘one-nation’ Labour Party.

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