UKIP uses “dog whistle politics” says reader

It was an interesting party political broadcast for UKIP featured in the letters page last week, from Mr Bennett-Collins.

I don’t intend to reply with any detailed scrutiny of boring policy issues.

The essence of this letter reminded me of the SDP-Liberal Alliance back in 1981, go back to your constituencies and prepare for government.

Regrettably, the dog-whistle politics of UKIP will prick up the ears of a lot of voters, with its sound bites over-run, taking our country back political elite, they are all the same, we are the ordinary people and political correctness gone mad.

Many UKIP denials, about being xenophobic for instance, are about as convincing as Julian Clary (or the late Frankie Howard) seeding their double entendres to an audience and then claiming that any filth is all in the mind of the listener.

You may also want to watch:

Dazzling voters too, by quoting out-of-context eye watering big figure sums (billions) being supposedly mis-spent, knowing full well that many individual voters will be desperate for just 500 quid.

I am unaware of a political elite standing for election from the other parties around these parts. Don’t forget, Farage went to public school and worked in finance’ in the City.

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As for political correctness, it’s no more than politeness and courtesy, so stop seeding prejudice – yet again.

UKIP have done very well so far with their sound-bite nastiness, gaining a massively disproportionate share of publicity in relation to their actual standing as a credible political alternative. Their activists may get a lot of votes, especially in this area, it appears.

Hopefully, it won’t be enough and then, yes, they can certainly go back to their homes, but not to prepare for government - to shout at the TV again, where they all belong.



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