Under fire debt collector says: “I am confident that everything I do is lawful, I believe in the law and the judicial system.”

UNDER fire debt collector Nigel Marsh today blamed losses he incurred in running the George public house in March for his business failure.

“Regrettably financial losses in acquiring and refitting Georges resulted in financial difficulties for my commercial debt collection company,” he said.

“Any losses I have made are directly accountable to the unlawful trespassers that occupy it.” Mr Marsh had a well publicised split with former managers at the town centre pub resulting in him being barred and the police charging him with assault.

Mr Marsh issued his statement today following revelations that he’s facing action by a disgruntled creditor.

However he has also applied to become a commercial bailiff and a public notice has appeared locally inviting comment on his application.

“My application for a certificate to act as a commercial bailiff consists of paying a �10,000 bond to the court; the bond is a safeguard for any financial loss to any business if I were to act inappropriately,” he said.

“It is right that questions should be asked if I am a fit and proper person to hold such a certificate and that is why I entered the notice in the local papers. I will also be attending a hearing with a circuit Judge or a Master of the High Court who will question me on my knowledge of Distress and Enforcement.

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“I am confident that everything I do is lawful, I believe in the law and the judicial system.

“I have always been available to locals to the pub in Chatteris (he once tried to take over the Dog) and Georges”.

Mr Marsh said his company’s insolvency and failure to pay creditors of his debt collection agency were due to losses at The George and his inability to obtain insurance payments.

“My company is insolvent and has therefore ceased to trade, as it must do under UK legislation, I am a responsible director aware of company law,” he said.

Mr Marsh added: “My desire to become a certificated bailiff is a natural progression, an option to show my professionalism, my desire to adhere to a code of conduct which will help to regulate my industry.

“Such a certificate means the court watches over my actions and only allows me to act within the law. It is my job to close down companies, evict non-paying commercial tenants. It’s a job I do well and a certificated bailiff is a natural progression to the services which I offer.

“I am based in March, my home town, being a local lad, I have three children and

three step children. I employ seven staff locally and have 20 satellite offices throughout the country. I make decisions after careful consideration.

“I am required and have informed the judge of all relevant interests I hold that are relevant to obtaining the court’s consent to regulate me.

Of his recent and well publicised dispute with a former client, DJ Mick Brown, he added that it was “disappointing that Mr Brown did not fully appreciate the amount of work I did on his behalf.”

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