Unruly behaviour by young people are making my hard working parents life a misery

My parents own a Chinese takeaway in the small village of Coates. They took over the business two years ago.

For the past year, there have been several incidents of youths living in the village causing a nuisance for my parents. It mainly occurs in the night when they bang on the window loudly as they walk past the shop, giving my mother and sometimes customers a fright.

Once they broke one of the windows on the side of the shop and it had to be replaced. More recently, they have thrown eggs and tomatoes at the shop front and this has happened several times before. Each time they could not be caught as they would run off into the night and there was no way of identifying them.

The police have been notified but there is little that they can do about this. It is disheartening to see my hardworking parents who run the small business by themselves to have to deal with this kind of abuse from unruly kids roaming the streets at night and be in fear that they might cause more damage than a broken window.



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