Up-and-coming council elections will be interesting in Fenland with Lib Dem/Tory coalition in government

WITH the up and coming council elections around the country in May we now have a test to measure the popularity of the new government.

The concept of two parties working together in government does have its interesting aspect and perhaps if it wasn’t for the issue of having to make extensive cuts to the countries finances especially in the public sector it would have been an interesting experience.

In the latest opinion polls the Liberal Democrats are now only on seven per cent with the labour in the lead on 43 per cent and the conservative Party close behind them.

On the local election scene of the 40 seats that make up the District Council 38 are held by the Conservatives, one by the Liberal Democrats and one an independent.

Interestingly most of the council seats, more than half, were not contested in the 2007 elections, meaning that the Conservative Party were the controlling Party both before and after those elections.

It will be interesting to see what happens at the election in May and with now the Liberal Democrats being in power with the Conservatives as the government one wonders how that will effect the voting here in Fenland.

I think that we will see more independent candidates putting up this time round and more Labour candidates standing. But there is another scenario that hasn’t been mentioned that is of our oldest political party the Liberal Party.

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For those who cannot remember not everyone in both the SDP and Liberal parties opted to join the new Liberal Democrat Party back in 1988 when it was formed and thus the Liberal Party still exists with councillors doted around the country in various places and the party still being active in areas with Fenland being listed.

Perhaps we might see one or two Liberals putting up for council seats as well here?

Whatever it will be an interesting election!


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