UPDATE: We pursue those who use Twitter to incite violence - police

Fresh statement warns against using social media to incite violence. Five arrested last night in city centre disorder. Two police officers hurt

POLICE will be maintaining increased patrols across the county after the first incidents of unrest in countrywide riots hit Cambridge this week.

The police have also vowed to pursue anyone found using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to incite violence and disorder.

Patrols were increased across Cambridgeshire after the riots in London sparked similar unrest in cities across the UK.

Late last night five arrests were made after a group of 30-40 youths marched on the Grafton centre. Two officers were injured during the disorder after some of the youths threw items at the police.

Deputy chief constable John Feavyour said: “Patrols were increased across the county to ensure there were sufficient officers available to deal with any incidents of disorder or concerns from the public.

“This type of criminal behaviour will not be tolerated and anyone who uses the emerging national issues as an excuse to break the law in the county will be dealt with swiftly and robustly.”

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Earlier police had moved to squash rumours of disorder across the county urging residents to ignore false reports received by text or on social netoroking sites.

Det Supt Gary Ridgway said: “We would urge people not to believe everything they read on social media sites – unless it from an official police feed. There are a number of unhelpful postings and rumours that are simply untrue.

“We are also actively pursuing anyone we believe to be using social networking sites to incite violence and disorder.”

The force has warned young people in particular of the risks of committing serious criminal offences with items they post on social networking sites.

Det Supt Ridgway added: “We continue to monitor the situation across the county – as well as other parts of the country, and are committed to keeping the people of Cambridgeshire as informed as possible through our official channels.

Dept Ch Con Feavyour said: “The force is monitoring the situation in London and other parts of the country.”

Riots spread to other cities in the UK on Tuesday after three days of sustained rioting in London. Birmingham Manchester, and Nottingham, all saw unrest.

London saw 16,000 officers take to the street to calm the violence after Cambridgeshire police confirmed they had sent 25 officers to support the Metropolitan Police on Monday night.

A spokesman for the police said it was “possible” more would be sent.

The force has also been using its Twitter account to respond to resident concerns about disorder sparking up across Cambridgeshire.

Dept Ch Con Feavyour added: “We understand there may be concerns and feelings of vulnerability within a number of communities and are working closely with our partners and community leaders to address those concerns.

“Violence, disorder and any other criminality will not be tolerated in Cambridgeshire and we will deal swiftly and robustly with anyone who uses the emerging issues in London as an excuse to break the law in this county.”

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