Upwell born adventurer off on an expedition inside world’s last unknown jungles

UPWELL born adventurer Will Millard is about to set off on a two-month expedition aiming to rediscover an ancient tribal trade route deep within one of the world’s last unknown jungles.

Supported by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, he will be heading to West Papua on the remote island of New Guinea, hoping to raise our awareness of this unique environment, home to one third of the world’s languages and 10 per cent of the world’s animal and plant species.

Will Millard is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. He has been conducting expeditions in West Papua for the last five years and writes regularly about his experiences on his online blog and for BBC Wildlife, Wanderlust, Outdoor fitness and Geographical magazines.

In 2009, with Wisbech born medic Callum Fester, he rediscovered a 1000km long foot-only trade route in the Papuan highlands known as the ‘Great Road’ and, last month he made the first descent and mapping of an unknown forest river in the heart of Papua’s hidden north.

He grew up in Upwell and was educated in Wisbech.

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Will has enjoyed an amazing series of experiences - coming within inches of stepping on deadly snakes and almost being separated from his partner, Callum, whilst canoeing the rapids.

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