Vandalism is fixed at historic Wisbech cemetery

Wisbech - damaged grave

Wisbech - damaged grave - Credit: Archant

Four Victorian gravestones and monuments, damaged by vandals, have been repaired thanks to a budget of £1,000.

Working with funding from the Wisbech Society, the Friends of Wisbech General Cemetery repaired acts of vandalism from last year which they say is a constant problem.

The Wisbech Society has helped fund the Friends’ restoration work several times in the past.

In the latest round of work four monuments were pushed over in what they called a “mindless attack.”

Broken at their bases, each needed specialist work from a stonemason to restore and make it safe.

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Opened in 1836, the General Cemetery is nationally significant as one of very few non denominational burial places established in English towns and cities during Victorian times.

It is also the resting place of several people of local significance, adding to the town’s heritage and providing a rich resource for historians and researchers.

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Over many decades, nature has reclaimed the cemetery’s original formal layout of gravel paths and shrubbery so that today it forms a habitat of considerable importance.

Recognising the General Cemetery’s conservation and historical value to the town, during 2014 Wisbech Society, in collaboration with the Friends of Wisbech General Cemetery, opened an improved access route from North End.

Sitting next to Nixon’s timber yard, the gated path is named Lambert’s Walk.

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