Very Little Democracy at Fenland Hall

OF course Reg Kemp is correct when he claims there is very little democracy at Fenland Hall, especially in view of the fact that some of the Tory councillors weren’t even elected.

However, Independents are not going to take over, they will need 21 seats for an overall majority. As a Labour supporter, member, I am confidently hoping that Labour will take some seats.

My forecast is NOC (no overall control) so what happens then. There are some very safe Tory seats but will they win the 21 seats required? I don’t think so. They could possibly be the largest party and form a minority council.

I’m discounting the Lib/Dems, and any elected Labour councillors certainly would not form an alliance with the Tories. Would the Independents? The local elections in May should be very interesting and I sincerely believe that those elected should have the community at heart and forget party politics.


Nene Parade