Victim ‘endured nearly four years of stress and illness’ claims family member after Ely paramedic jailed for sexual assaults

East of England Ambulance Service.

East of England Ambulance Service. - Credit: Archant

A family member of one of the victims of sexual assaults by Ely paramedic Colin Hakin has written of the “harrowing experience” of trying to persuade the East Anglian Ambulance Service to take their claims seriously.

Hakin, 53, was jailed yesterday at Cambridge Crown Court for two and a half years after being found guilty at the end of a 10 day trial of sexually assaulting three women.

In a series of emails the family member described the “stress and illness” endured by one of the victims after the allegations first surfaced.

“I write to you as a family member of one of the ladies who was part of the court case as a witness against Hakin,” she explained.

“The ambulance trust has many questions to answer with regards to these serious matters.

“My family member has endured nearly four years of stress and illness caused because the trust did nothing about it when she reported it.

“Instead they led her to believe that her own job was in jeopardy by refusing to work with him.

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“It also led to other women enduring the same at the hands of this paramedic who they promoted even though they were aware of it.

“It is disgusting that these women had the harrowing experience of enduring this sexual predator with NO support from management and then a harrowing court case to endure with no support yet again and now found to be guilty- still NO support.”

She added that “My family member and many other paramedics and ambulance staff in Ely and the surrounding areas work so hard under immense pressure and stress.

“They work to help the local community and treat their patients with the upmost respect but I believe it is the management that needs investigating as they are responsible for brushing these things under the carpet and bringing the workers shame.

“The ambulance service let these ladies down- and let’s not forget this paramedic now found guilty would have been sent to see several vulnerable patients also.”

Hakin, a married father of three from Grimshoe Road, Downham, was said at his trial to have a “dark side” to his character.

It was said at his trial that he had asked his victims to perform sexual acts on him after they brushed aside his requests for sex.

The assaults for which he was found guilty spanned the period between May 4, 2011 and March 31, 2012.

Prosecutors had alleged he “preys on vulnerable woman” and he was said to have sexually assaulted and harassed them.

Hakin protested his innocence throughout last month’s trial, claiming the offences “did not happen”.

He also said he felt “very upset” by the claims and “I haven’t done any of this.”

Refusing a plea by his defence for a suspended sentence, Judge Mark Lucraft said the serious nature of the offences deserved prison sentences on each count.

Hakin worked at the Ely ambulance station in Newnham Street; next week the ambulance trust will conclude its disciplinary hearing against him

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