Victoria Gillick back on the campaign trail but this time looking to rein in kebab shop

THE ‘Gillick Dossier’ will be hotly debated tomorrow at a licensing committee as one of Fenland’s most formidable campaigners looks to rein in the expansion of her local kebab shop.

For seven months Victoria Gillick kept a log of closing times at Best Kebab in Nene Quay, Wisbech, and “also the manner in which Jack Dennis conducted his business in regards to his limited drinks licence.”

She says her logs provide sufficient evidence to persuade Fenland District Council not to block a bid by owner Mr Dennis to vary the licence and make drinks more readily available.

“These logs reveal that Jack Dennis has consistently and deliberately disregarded the terms of his existing licence,” she says in evidence to tomorrow’s licensing committee that will determine the application.

She said that during the period in which she collated evidence – from August 6 last to March 19 this year- the police were called out on at least seven occasions to deal with violent disturbances in or around Best Kebab after 2am on the weekends.

Mrs Gillick – who ten years ago fought through to the House of Lords to halt the provision of contraception to teenage girls-, claimed disturbances from Best Kebabs often continued until 4am.

The Cambridgeshire mother of ten insisted the whole neighbourhood was being badly affected every weekend “by the raucous and often belligerent crowds of people attracted to Best Kebab because of its reputation for staying open far later at night than anywhere else in town.”

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Mrs Gillick, who lives opposite the shop on the other side of the River Nene, said she was advised to keep a log after meeting police and council officials at a community forum.

However at tomorrow’s licensing committee it appears Mrs Gillick will be on her own in opposing the Best Kebab expansion: neither the council nor police have lodged an application.

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