Victoria Gillick report “fuels racial hatred”

I would like to comment on one particular view highlighted in the article Gillick Report.

How dare this woman accuse all former Soviet Union population of “disposing of unwanted babies” Where has Mrs Gillick has got this idea from?! Has she used any historical facts that would confirm her opinion.

For someone who has had 10 children of her own she is clearly a woman who doesn’t know much about contraception and if every family was as big as hers I am sure the impact on Fenland resources - schools, NHS - would be even greater!

Her offending comments regarding increase of abortions in QEH have no grounds. Has this stupid woman tried linking this problem with the increase in teenage pregnancies in recent years. English teenagers as well.

Articles like this one fuel racial hatred even more.

You may also want to watch:

One can agree with all other issues like lack of housing and pressure on NHS, however, accusing all foreign women of being disheartened and “disposing” their unwanted babies is a step too far!

Shame on you Standard for even publishing such offensive comments!

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