Victoria Gillick’s report “seems correct”

I am no expert but Victoria Gillick’s report - as detailed in your newspaper seems very likely correct to me.

I was in the ambulance service locally until 2012.

The one night shift ambulance in Wisbech would get called to drunk Eastern Europeans found lying on roads and pavements- possibly with some alcohol-induced injury.

A journey of 16 miles to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn. Hospital trolleys with Eastern Europeans sleeping it off.

I have heard an A and E nurse tell a patient - “We will get a taxi to take you back to Wisbech in the morning”.

Who pays for the Taxi-? The World Health Service?

I have known an unemployed English man turned away from the exclusively East European Employment Agency in Alexandra Road in Wisbech.

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No job for you, go. Wrong nationality Still we put up with it.

Our politicians make these decisions themselves. No consulting the mere electorate.


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