VIDEO: A tour of the Sessions House in Wisbech

ENJOY a video blog around the Sessions House in Wisbech, a building not normally open to the public.

Fenland community website Shapeyourplace enjoyed an exclusive look around the Sessions House in South Brink.

The Grade Two Listed Building dates from 1808 and was designed by architect Thomas West.

Annie Appleby, of Shapeyourplace, said: “It’s a building many of us pass daily but have you ever wondered what’s inside?”

Annie said she was “totally blown away by the Session House” after being escorted around the warren of rooms and passages as a prisoner would have been and led to the cells.

She added: “Below the river level, with no natural light or fresh air, this place must have been awful when each cell was full to capacity.

“In one of the cells we came across two small ‘pillars’ of stone. Sara (Annie’s guide) had no idea what these might have been used for but directly in front was another large stone with a large chain embedded in it. The mind boggles.”

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Annie’s tour also took in the exercise yard, which “is no more than 3.5m square, though at least it was open to the elements, this was more than likely the only time any ‘residents’ would see daylight or smell fresh air”.

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