VIDEO: Fenland councillor says Guided Bus could offer us all a boost to night life

OPENING of the guided bus between St Ives and Huntingdon and Cambridge could boost night life and shopping for people in Fenland.

The claim was made this week by Whittlesey county councillor Martin Curtis.

“If I can get to rock concerts, it opens up nightlife in Cambridge to others too” he said. “Surely that’s a good thing?

“It’s not the only benefit - but seeing the timetables was a pleasant surprise and an added bonus of the Guided Bus.”

He said the guided bus – finally to open in August and two years behind schedule- opens up venues outside of Cambridge.

“There are other huge benefits,” said Cllr Curtis. “The A14 is a mess - 20mins from St Ives to Cambridge for commuters is very. attractive.”

Cllr Curtis, responding on Tweeter to critics, added: “So Fenlanders never shop in Cambridge? No Fenlanders work in Cambridge? Evening access is irrelevant to Whhittlesey, Yaxley et al?”

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He added: “The main purpose of the guided bus was the A14 and benefits commuters along that corridor most, agreed.

“But to say there is no use to the North of the County is not correct either.”

This week the county council revealed that recovery trucks have completed final trials to make sure The Busway remains reliable – even in the event that a bus needs to be towed out of the track.

Unlike rail, where a breakdown disrupts the entire line and causes long delays for other trains, guided buses can be immediately diverted around the section where a bus is being recovered which means only a few minutes delay for passengers.

This YouTube video showing how a bus will be recovered has been released by the council.

Busway bosses have said they do not expect the recovery vehicle to be called on often, but the final trials have confirmed vehicles can be towed away quickly as expected.

Recovery firm Allways will have a vehicle on standby 24/7 so they can get to any problems swiftly and the successful recovery trials are the latest step the Council is taking to prepare for The Busway opening on Sunday 7 August.

Ian Bates, Cambridgeshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Growth and Planning, said: “A broken down train between Cambridge and London this week meant trains were cancelled, but on The Busway buses will simply divert around a section if there is a problem.

“This will cause minimal delays for other buses. We expect it to be rare for a bus to need to be towed, but the process will be quick, easy and we will be able to keep services running without long delays.

“It is important for The Busway to offer a reliable, fast and frequent service and these recovery trials help make sure that is the case under all circumstances.”

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