VIDEO: Geese attack grandmother and her two year old granddaughter but others rather like them

Geese at Nene parade March.

Geese at Nene parade March. - Credit: Archant

RAMPAGING geese are terrorising people along Nene Parade, March.

Moira Abbott, 58, from March, says she was walking along the river bank between Town Bridge and Wigstone’s Bridge with Ayani, her two year old granddaughter, when they were ambushed by seven adult white geese.

She said: “They all ran at us with their arms outstretched. They were very scary. I had to pick up my granddaughter. “She was terrified. I don’t know if they belong to anyone but it’s an increasing problem.”

Mrs Abbott says she is not alone in being frightened of the geese.

She said: “The school children who walk along the path are reluctant to approach them and I have seen women on bikes trying to avoid them.

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“I was talking to my next door neighbour and she says her grandson is quite scared of them as well.”

The hotel worker has raised her concerns with various animal welfare organisations but is frustrated by the lack of response.

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She said: “I have called the One Stop Shop, RSPB and RSPCA to report it but it just seems like I’m going around in circles.

“I still feel like I’m being petty but I know if I don’t speak up someone will get hurt.”

A RSPCA spokesman said: “Geese may protect their environment if they feel under threat. That is why they are often used as ‘guard’ animals.

“The RSPCA recommends that if members of the public keeps their distance from the geese and urges dog owners to keep their pets on leads when near the birds.”

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