VIDEO: Jeff Abbott joins the line up of those taking part in our first time voter 60 second election opinion poll

Jeff Abott

Jeff Abott - Credit: Archant

Jeff Abbott, 18, has become the latest of our election ‘guinea pigs’ to take part in a first time voter 60 second opinion poll.

Factory worker Jeff recorded his 60 second slot this week – one of the first of a number we are recording in the run up to the election.

In his election ‘special’ Jeff gives his views on the issues influencing his decision to vote but for starters would like an increase in the minimum wage.

He also talks about only being taught the ‘very basics’ about politics during his time at school, something he regrets.

If you are a first time voter and would like to record a 60 second video on what it is like to be able to take part in your first election, then call me on 01354 661915.

Alternatively email me,

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